13th Annual GK Dance & Scholarship Competition

Date: May 22nd-May 23rd


GK Dance Company

3531 Business 220, Bedford, PA 15522


What it’s all about…
The GK Dance and Scholarship Competition is an exciting celebration of all styles of dance. This event is held in memory of my mother, Gail Koppenhaver, who tragically passed away in 2002. My mother was my dance instructor, as well as my best friend and hero. Her vibrant personality and never-fading smile inspired all of her dance students in addition to all of those who knew her.
Kristen Kauffman


Dance Competition Categories
Recreational:  For students who participate in dance classes 3 or less hours a week. 
Competitive: For students who participate in dance classes 3-6 hours per week.
Elite: For students who participate in dance classes 6 or more hours per week.
Age Divisions
(All ages are based on dancer's age as of January 1, 2021)
5 years old and under
6-8 years old
9-11 years old
12-14 years old
15-18 years old
19-24 years old

25+ years old
See scholarship rules for more information
Dance Category
Musical Theatre
Group Sizes


1 dancer

2-3 dancers
Small Group-
4-9 dancers
Large Group-
10-14 dancers
15+ dancers


Entry Fee Information
All entry fees are per person/per routine.
Title Solo........................................................$60.00
Small Group……………...…………………….$20.00
Large Group …………………….……………..$20.00
Adjudicated Awards
All routines will receive an adjudicated award.  Dancers may donate their adjudicated trophy amounts back to the scholarship account. 
Division                       Recreational                                Competitive               
Diamond                         300-282                                         300-285
Platinum                         281-266                                          284-270
High Gold                       265-251                                          269-256
Gold                               250-238                                          255-245
Silver                              237-200                                          244-200
Top Awards
New this year.....
Ms./Mr. GK Title Awards
Any soloist may enter the Title competition. The Title of Miss/Mr. GK will be awarded in each age division. The Title will be awarded to the highest score in showmanship/performance. All three levels of competition will be combined in the Title contest. 
Overall Awards
The top 3 scores per age division/group size will automatically be awarded per level.  The top 40% of routines will be awarded. (For example, if there are 10 entries for petite soloist--awards will be given to the top 4 dancers.)
Highest Score Awards
Highest score awards will be given in each level/age division.

Special Awards
Judge Awards-
Each judge will present special judge awards. 
Papa Ron Award-
Chosen by my one and only, Papa Ron!  He will choose a studio/routine to give his award. As a PIAA referree, sportsmanship and kindness to others play a key role in his decision.
One More Time Award-
This is my only award that I give away.  My mother was always known as to making her dancers perform a routine "One More Time" to perfect it.  One dance per session (11 and under; 12 and over) will be awarded the "One More Time" award as a routine that I just truly loved and would like to see performed one more time.


****Unique 2021 rules/procedures****
In an effort to keep the spirit of the Gail Koppenhaver Dance and Scholarship Competition going, we will be hosting this competition with adaptations suitable for the 2021 season. We hope to return to normal operation in 2022. 
This year's competition will be held at GK Dance Company. Each participating studio will be given a studio block of time in which only their studio will be present at GK. Studio blocks will be strategically scheduled to limit the number of people at GK at a time. We will be sanitizing the studio between studio blocks. Face mask use is optional and at the discretion of the studio owner. 
Livestream of the competition will be available for family members and friends to watch. Each dancer may bring 1-2 spectators. Parents may help dancers change in the dressing room area. However, spectators/parents will need to watch performances on livestream from our downstairs studio. We will have a seating area and projector set up to view the performances downstairs. Only dancers, instructors and judges will be permitted in the upstairs studio/competition room. 
Small concessions may be available to purchase the day of the competition. 
All awards will be announced on livestream on Sunday evening. Awards and trophies will be mailed directly to the studios the week after the competition. 
If you have any questions, feel free to text Kristen at 814-233-6390. All entries and payments must be received by May 1, 2021. 

1.                 All registrations, entry fees (in the form of one check), and t-shirt orders (in the form of one check) are due by May 1, 2021. Checks should be made out to GK Dance Scholarship.
Please mail all information and payment to: 
Kristen Kauffman
5212 Forest Ave.
        Bedford, PA 15522 
2.                Each performance in the solo, duet, trio, ensemble, small group and large group must be 3.5 minutes or less. Any performance over 3.5 minutes will be disqualified. Production performances must be 8 minutes or less. 
3.                 To determine which category to enter a performance, please use the average age of the performers in your group.  Ages should be as of January 1, 2021.
4.                 Performance scores will be determined by 3 judges. A judge may not score any performances from any studio they are affiliated with.
5.                 Awards will be given to each participant. (Please see the separate rules for the scholarship category.)
6.                 All performers will receive a participation award and will be recognized at the end of the competition.
7.                 All performances will be performed at GK DANCE COMPANY. 
8.                 Video of the performances is permitted however please be sure to only record your own studio's performances to protect the creativity of each studio's choreography.
9.                 Shirt orders are due on May 1, 2021--shirt designs will be listed on the GK Dance Company Facebook page.
10.              If for some reason, a contestant cannot compete due to illness, or extenuating circumstances, no refund will be given. 
11.  Livestream will be provided for family and friends to watch the competition. Only Instructors, dancers and judges will be permitted in the studio room where the competition is taking place. TVs will be set up in the downstairs studio for parents to watch. Each dancer may bring 2 spectators. 
12.                 GK Dance Company, Kristen and Kauffman will not be held liable for personal injury or property loss to any contestant, parent, instructor, spectator, or anyone attending our event.
13.              All instructors and participants agree that the time, manner, method, and results of our judging will be at the sole discretion of our judging panel. Score sheets will be made available to instructors only after the award ceremonies.
14.              Any performer must complete her/his routine in order to qualify for judging. THERE WILL BE NO COACHING FROM BACKSTAGE OR THE AUDIENCE BY ANY PARTY. If we observe this happening, the routine will be disqualified.
15.              Each studio owner/instructor will be required to sign a waiver upon entry of the competition releasing GK Dance Company, Kristen Kauffman, and the Bedford High School from all liability.
16.              No refunds. No exceptions.
17.              Any tie scores will be determined by our judging panel.
18.              All choreography and performances should reflect family values and must be age appropriate. No suggestive movements or costuming is permitted.
19.              There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may enter.
20.                 Teachers are only permitted to compete in the adult category.
21.              There will be a $30.00 charge for all returned checks. 
22.            No glitter of any kind may be worn.  This includes loose glitter, glittered makeup, spray or hairspray.  If any glitter is spotted by any staff members, the studio will be disqualified.
23.             Previous participating studios will be contacted first and will have first privileges in entering routines.  The competition is limited to the first 150 routines entered.  This competition is a privately run competition and is organized at the discretion of the director.


Scholarship Information
Scholarship Rules & Regulations
Any dance student enrolled in his/her senior year/12th grade year of high school may compete for the scholarship.
The participant must present a solo performance during the GK dance competition. (See Competition Rules and Regulations.)
The participant must submit a written essay describing the following:
o    Personal history of involvement in dance
o    Influential people in his/her life in relation to dance
o    Future plans/goals
o    Benefits of dance study in today’s society
o    Be sure to include: 
§   Your Name
§   Your Dance Studio & Instructor
§   The title of your Solo Dance
v All essays must be submitted by May 1, 2021 to gkdancecompany@yahoo.com.
v The scholarship essay and solo performance dance will be combined for a final score. (Dance-70%, Essay-30%)
v The participant with the highest overall score will be the recipient of the GK Scholarship.
v The amount of the scholarship is unknown as of this time. Donations will be accepted from dance studios or individuals, in addition to competition fees, to raise money for the scholarship. 
v Scholarship money will be distributed AFTER proof of completion of ONE-FULL year (2 semesters) of a college. Proof can consist of a financial statement or transcript.
v If for some reason, a scholarship recipient does not complete his/her full year of college within 18 months of the competition, the scholarship monies will be distributed to the next highest scoring participant.
v If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Kristen Kauffman at 814-233-6390.
2012 Winners were:
3rd Place: Briana O'Neal (The Dance Alley)- $500
1st Place: Maddie Bohrer (Frostburg Dance Academy)- $2,000
2nd Place: Michelle Russ (Frostburg Dance Acadmey)-$1,000
 2011 Winners were:
Kaitlyn Forgas (Grier Dance Company)- 7th Place: $100;
Kelsey Blackburn (Linda's Dance Studio)- 5th Place: $250;
Kayla Palmer (Will's Mt. School of Dance)- 4th Place: $500;
Kayley Swope (Centre Dance)- 2nd Place: $1,000;
Andrea Cocolin (Centre Dance)- 1st Place: $2,000;
Britton Minnick (Will's Mt. School of Dance)-3rd Place: $800;
Rachael Kopetsky (Dancer's Dream) 6th Place: $100;
Hollie Robertson (Frostburg Dance Academy)- 8th Place: $100.




  2010 Scholarship Winners were Amanda Ferrara~Centre Dance~4th Place ($500), Jordan Rhoads~Will's Mountain~3rd Place ($750), Jessie Maynor~Centre Dance~1st Place ($2,000), Tara Martin~Center Stage Dance Company~2nd Place ($1,000), and Lyssa Hurvitz~Centre Dance~5th Place ($200).



2009 Winners were Lindsay Campbell 3rd Place ($500), Amy Meyers 1st Place ($2,000), and Melynne Sciranko 2nd Place ($1,000)