Competitive Teams

Competition teams will be created according to age, ability, and class size.


Competition classes will run just like recreational dance classes.  Cost is still $35/month.  Class time will most likely be longer than a regular class.  There will be additional costumes; however, I will do my best to make sure they are as economical as possible. (I do not believe in spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of clothing they will wear a handful of times.)  Also, each competition has its own set of competition fees.


We will try to compete in 5 dance competitions this season.  See the upcoming event tab on the main page to check the tenative schedule.

Requirements for Competitive Classes


Senior Class:

Students will be placed onto the senior team at the discretion of the instructor.  Past years' performances, dedication, attendance, and motivation may play roles in determining teams.


  • Flat Split-2 different splits 
  • Knowledge of 5 ballet positions 
  • Chasse
  • Chaine turn 
  • Running Flaps
  • Traveling Pirouettes
  • Fouette Spins
  • Jete' (Split leap)
  • Double Pirouette
  • Triple Time Step
  • Flaps
  • Wings
  • PERFECT stage presence (judged by past performances)

Junior Class:

  • Flat Split
  • Knowledge of 5 ballet positions
  • Chasse
  • Chaine turn
  • Single pirouette (outside)
  • Jete' (split leap)
  • Traveling pirouettes
  • Single time step
  • Flaps
  • EXCELLENT stage presence (judged by past performances)

Mini Class:

  • Flat Split
  • Knowledge of all 5 ballet positions 
  • Flap heel
  • Chasse/Step ball change
  • Shuffle
  • MUST be 6 years old as of September 1st
  • GREAT stage presece (judged by past performances)


Solos/Duos/Trios for Competition

*Solos/Duos/Trios will only be choreographed for members of a competition team.

 Fee for solo/duo/trio--

$75 per dance--includes 100% choreography, music editing and copy of music.  PLUS $5/dancer per 30 minute practice time in the studio with instructor.  


$25 per dance--Dancer self-choreographs.  Includes all practices/rehearsals, music editing and copy of music. PLUS $5/dancer per 30 minute practice time in the studio with instructor. 


(Fees may be split between dancers in duets and trios.)