DANCE CLASSES-Recreational
(Ages 3- adult)
$35 per month-1 child
$55 per month-2 children
$70 per month-3 children
All classes include tap, jazz, and ballet/lyrical.
Class length-50 min-1 hour for preschool-intermediate classes. Older students will have longer classes.
Also, more dance styles will be introduced to older dancers (such as pointe, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, character, etc.)
$20 per month per child
Hip-Hop is an "add-on" class that dancers may join.  Dancers must be 5 years old to join Hip-Hop.
Classes run with the school year, beginning the week of Labor Day and ending in June with the dance recital.  Upon registration, dancers are expected to continue throughout the year until the recital.